Trees in your community 2015-16

Look around at the trees in your area. Perhaps there are some in the school yard or local church. Check out the leaves and twigs and see if you can find the name of the tree. You may also have to look carefully at the bark to help you name it.

Why trees are important for biodiversity
Lots of things live on trees. They are home for birds and insects. Look closely at the bark and you might see moss and lichens. In among the moss and lichens you will see tiny insects.

Trees are very important for all these living things. Many people pass trees and don't know that they are home to all these creatures.

Trees help make places beautiful in summer and winter. Can you imagine a world without any trees? I think it would be a rather dismal and unhappy place. Trees encourage us to look up, then we see birds and clouds. Trees are part of our world and we are part of theirs.

Trees do a very important thing for all humans - they make oxygen from carbon dioxide. They release that oxygen into the air and we breath it in. Without oxygen we would die. Actually all animals would die without oxygen. Trees and all green plants make this oxygen.

So you can see that trees are not just for cutting down to burn or to make tables and chairs.

Trees are alive and they help keep us alive. They are homes for many creatures. They make our world beautiful.

Places to live or habitats are important
Trees will die if they cannot find a place to live. The place where a living thing lives is called a habitat. It is very important that there are plenty of different habitats in Ireland. We must give living things places to live.

Trees & Shrubs

Trees & Shrubs

Try listing all the trees and shrubs in your area by looking at the leaves, twigs and bark. Once you know them put them in on your map.