Nature in Autumn 2015

Autumn is the time when many plants get ready to hibernate for the winter. Trees do that by losing leaves because they do not need the leaves during the winter. Leaves need plenty of sunlight to stay green.
A lot of plants also produce fruits like berries and nuts.
Natural things that happen in the seasons are called seasonal events. The Autumn Events are listed below. Keep an eye out for these events and place them on your map. It is a good idea to write the date you saw them into your online Nature Notes also.

You can read a lot more about seasonal events on the web site Nature's Calendar Ireland.

Autumn Events
Here are the events to look out for:

1. Date of change in leaf colour on trees
2. Date of first falling of leaves
3. Date when tree is bare
4. Date first fruits appear
5. Date of first mushrooms

Nature's Calendar Ireland is at (

iSPY Autumn Watch scene - leaves falling

iSPY Autumn Watch scene - leaves falling