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The Common Lizard
A beautiful small lizard lives in ireland. Not many people know that. Some of the reasons they are unknown is that they are fast at moving and brilliant at hiding. I remember once I was sitting at the edge of a bog in the sun and there was a lizard beside me also sunning himself. I didn't notice him until I moved and then he moved. It was so fast I hardly saw it. He blended in with colour of the habitat so well that I didn't notice him.
Do you know what a habitat is? You will find the answer somewhere else on this web site.

Here are some interesting things about Lizards
1. Their body is only as warm as the air around them. This means that on warm days they are warm and on cold days they are cold. Animals whose bodies are like this are called cold blooded. Humans are warm-blooded animals because we are warmer than the air around us.
2. Lizards are belonging to a group of animals called REPTILES. All reptiles are cold blooded. Snakes are reptiles.
3. Most people think that dinosaurs were cold-blooded, but we are not sure.
4. Lizards are found in every county in Ireland.

We must protect the lizard from harm and the best way to do that is to protect where they live. They like to live around the edge of bogs and places where there is lots of heather and because they are shy, these place must be quiet.

The place where a living thing lives is called a habitat. It is very important that there are plenty of habitats in Ireland. We must give living things places to live. Lizards need their own special habitat.

The Slow worm
Another lizard that lives in Ireland is called the Slow worm. It is not a worm at all; it is a lizard without legs. It does not need legs because it can move like a snake. Slow worms are very rare. They are only found in Co. Clare. If you live in Co. Clare your class might like to do a project on Slow worms and then tell other schools around Ireland about them.

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Photograph of a lizard

Photograph of a lizard