Listen to the Crows calling


iSPYnature was created to encourage young people to develop their interest in 'nature' or 'wildlife', specifically in Ireland.

There are already many web sites that give out information on species and habitats in Ireland. Young people and their teachers rightly explore these sources for projects and learning support materials in the classroom.

iSPYnature was developed along the lines of and consequently takes a different approach to increasing biodiversity awareness, namely through:

  • observations of local wildlife and
  • recording what they see

iSPYnature provides online tools for doing this.

Ideally the user will see a plant or animal, record it in a note book and then use to mark its approximate location on a map, and write in their nature notes.

The map and nature notes can be viewed at any time by the user. Only the user can see their online notes.

Who owns the data?

The data collected on will not be passed on to any other organisation or group. It belongs to the user who submitted it.

The email addresses provided will not be passed on to any other party, nor will iSPYnature make contact with any user unless the user emails directly asking for a response.

Paul Whelan, 2010.